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window, shooting the father and son. >> no mother deserves to bury their one-year-old child. and the violence in oakland just needs to stop. >> reporter: that's what the chief says needs to happen, and more officers will help. >> just a few weeks ago, we got a field training class or an academy class out of the field training program. that freed up 35 officers. that allows me now to create a dedicated enforcement team for a cease fire. >> reporter: relatives say the father was living in fresno and was staying in oakland, where the 20-year-old grew up, to attend the funeral of his cousin. police chief says the motive is under investigation, but that it looks like thomas was targeted. we spoke to one relative inside the house at the time of the shooting and she talks about what she saw tonight at 6. live in east oakland, mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now. today's shooting is latest of
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several recent attacks on children. a seven-year-old and a four- year-old were injured in a shooting earlier this year. many of our viewers are offering their condolences of the family of drew jackson. you can join them and express your feelings on our facebook page by searching for ktvu channel 2. family and friends of a missing woman from oakland took action to try and bring her home. they are helping police look for 50-year-old sandra coke. coming up at 5:30, the clues turning up and how social media is playing a role in that search. now to today's hearing in oakland on the ongoing bart labor dispute. bart and its unions have been testifying before a three- member state panel all day long. the hearing just ended five minutes ago. >> the board of inquiry was called by governor brown after the two sides couldn't reach an agreement ahead of the minute
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deadline. >> bart today said the two sides are 100 million apart when it comes to their contracts. the union disputes that. the union said they were 56 million apart. the panel has been given seven days to investigate the contract dispute, then report back to the governor. >> our consumer editor tom vacar has been at that hearing all day long. tom is in oakland with more on the new information revealed today. tom? >> reporter: well, it started about 10:30 this morning and a whole lot, a whole lot is at stake, so much so that it's all's hopes that they can see how apart the two sides really are. the three-person committee is hearing from both sides, but the governor alone will decide if a 60-day cooling off period is awarded to avoid this. >> contract limitations have tied our hands to the point where we can't manage our own workforce in the community age
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of technology. >> the bottom line is that a cumulative $156 million deficit over the next ten years. even with no wage increases in the first four years. >> please help bart riders and the residents of the bay area avoid an even worse traffic nightmare than occurred just a few weeks ago by recommending to governor brown that he proceed with filing this action for a 60-day cooling off period. >> pursuant to the statute, we will not be making recommendations to the governor. >> there's no reason to believe that if they have another 60 days, after having the period from may 13 until june 30, and then the four-day strike and then the 30-day extension, and then these seven days, that another 60 days will command them to come to a fair and equitable agreement. >> and if the district will come to the table and bargain fully and fairly based on true numbers and true information, we can get a contract.
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>> we don't think people should be operating trains without the proper certification, without the proper familiarity with the system, so we think that's a tremendous hazard. >> reporter: that last comment is the union's worry, that bart will use the 60 day cooling off period to train management employees to drive at least some of the trains, which could mean a partial bart reopening while the strike drags on. one thing is very clear. these sides are so far apart, and the animosity is so great, without this seven-day halt, it is clear there would have been a strike and we would have been under that scenario right now. we shall see what happens. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now on the three members of that board. jacob applesmith is the director of the california department of beverage control. he is a senior advisor to governor jerry brown and he is an attorney.
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and the third one is on the buildings and construction trades council. he is a political and labor consultant and a former california transportation commissioner, santa clara county is reporting its first human case of west nile virus in a year. officials have been recently spraying in north san jose. the area they've been focusing on is highlighted here in yellow, between north capital avenue and north first street. county officials target hot spots and they're using a unique tool to pinpoint where west nile is thriving. rob roth is live with how vector control is teching this problem >> reporter: we are at one of the seven hot spots where the county has set up these chicken cages. the birds are used as bait for mosquitos to gauge how active they are for west nile virus. santa clara county vector
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control showed us a typical scene these days, dead birds with west nile. today public health officials announced a woman in her 30's hospitalized for viral meningitis turned out to be the county's first human west nile virus case. >> it just -- we need to prepare. >> reporter: significantly, the victim didn't have the usual risk factors, such as being elderly, having diabetes or hypertension. >> you don't have to have one of those risk factors to develop a more serious illness. >> reporter: the first human case comes as vector control gets ready for its next phase in the fight against west nile. starting as early as friday, officials plan to begin taking aerial photographs of the county, looking for neglected pools of standing water that help mosquitos breed. >> mosquitos can very easily go from egg to adult in about a week. these little black dots are a raft. each raft can contain about 70
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eggs inside of it. >> santa teresa and west of 680, those are the most intense spots right now in the county. >> that's serious. mosquitos are out there to get us. now i feel like i should go buy some bug spray, like gosh! >> reporter: dr. cody says the first west nile victim has returned home and is recovering. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. investigators are still looking for the cause of three fires. the three-alarm fire started at about 6:20 a.m. at the units near highway 101. the flames burned for nearly three hours and the fire department says most of the consents destroyed were personal teams. an amber alert in southern california is turning into a nationwide manhunt. the alert went out on monday for 16-year-old hannah anderson and her eight-year-old brother
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ethan. authorities believe james dimaggio is the kidnapper and they suspect that he deliberately set fire to the home that killed the victims' mother. they found the body of a child, but at this point, they haven't made positive investigation. investigators believe that dimaggio is headed to canada or texas in a nissan versa. a registered sex offender is in custody in antioch. they arrested kevin harvey after responding to reports after a man seen waving at a gun at the somersville towne center yesterday. they were able to link harvey and the gun to the kidnapping and assault that took place the day before. harvey kidnapped a woman at gunpoint from a kmart parking lot. a new billboard has popped up in san francisco with a
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clear anti-hate message. it reads hate has no place in our city and san francisco embraces diversity and acceptance. the bill was paid for with money raised in a crowd funding campaign, in response to some anti-muslim ads that ran earlier this year on buses. a scam is going out, from people who call you in order to claim a prize in the publishers clearing house sweepstakes. here's what happened when this man got involved. >> reporter: it's a phone call that many people think they want. >> you have won $5 million from publishers clearing house. >> reporter: this oakland resident got that call yesterday. but there was a catch. she had to get this debit card. >> for $385. >> reporter: the number of
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which she gave over the phone. >> they asked for more money, which was $2500. but you could pay $850. i said, i don't have $850. well, what can you pay? >> reporter: so she called ktvu. we were there as nadine received another call from the scammer in new york. >> so how much time do i have to try to get the $850? >> what time does your bank closes? >> how do we know this is not a scam? >> sir, this is 100% legitimate and authentic. >> then i identified myself. he kept up the charade. >> you've already scammed here for $830. so why are you scamming her more? publishers clearing house says they never call, never ask for money. yet you are doing exactly that, sir. >> reporter: he hung up. don't trust anyone who asks for money on the phone. >> people think they're going to get money for nothing or for very little.
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and so they take the chance. every time, it's false. >> reporter: as i told the scammer, publishers clearing house's website has a warn. >> if you are ever asked to send a payment to claim a sweepstake prize, you've been scammed. >> reporter: nadine told police about the money she lost. she runs an oakland nonprofit and says she wanted to help others protect themselves by sharing her story. too boring for facebook? how the social media site plans to punish boring users. plus, the investigation into a missing oakland woman intensifies. what police were looking for today when they went through her home. a shark sighting near the marina green. is this a great white? we go down below to see how this is cleaned out. the bay area cooling trend
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what you are looking at is a 15-ton black of fat and baby wipes clogging up a sewer in london, england. they say it is the largest such blob they have ever seen. they sent out this video as a warning to people to think twice about what they flush down their toilets. officials in san francisco are also issuing a similar warning. new at 5, david stevenson in the city with a clear example of what's clogging pipes there. david? >> reporter: frank, a utility worker tells us that greasy treats like this one are a huge problem for the city.
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too much grease from fish and chips and other fried foods isn't just bad for your health. >> this is a clog that i would say this is a sewer heart attack if you keep doing it, keep adding grease. >> reporter: san francisco's sewer workers are at work against grease buildup. the problem is getting worldwide attention after london sewer workers removed a 30,000-pound lump of lard, a fatburg said to be as big as a bus. >> i've seen grease balls as large as volkswagens. >> reporter: part of the problem is wet wipes like these. san francisco sewage crews use high-resolution cameras to scope out grease clogs. >> it just builds up all around the service. >> reporter: water is pumped in under high pressure to pop the grease pimple. the city also sends special
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trucks to restaurants. slurping up used grease to recycle for fuel. the goal is to get the sewers on a fat-free diet. >> we spend about $3 million to $4 million unclogging sewers. >> reporter: adding to the problem, about 30% of san francisco's sewers are more than 100 years old, making getting the grease out of old pipes a bit more than a sticky job. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now. just how big is 15 tons? it's roughly the equivalent of 15 average cars or one dinosaur, at least according to the best scientific estimates. it's also the weight of harvard university's new church organ or a british double-decker bus. county health officials are warning people to be aware of
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blue-green algae. a dog was euthanized and testing is being done to determine if algae is the cause. there are no reported cases related to clear lake. for the second straight year, lake tahoe showed improvement in its clarity. the scientists credited a relatively dry year in the tahoe area for washing fewer pollutants into the lake. facebook is making changes to its news feeds. make sure you don't miss important posts. they are tweeting so that posts from people you interact with more will rise to the top. that way, if you missed them the first time around, you might see them the second time around. the news feed program essentially learns from your behavior, according to your "likes" and comments as well as how much you interact with
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friends' pages. yahoo is giving its logo a makeover. they will showcase a different logo each day as a warm-up to the official unveiling. they are calling it 30 days of change. except for the color and the exclamation point, which will remain the same. this is the first time yahoo has changed its logo in it's entire 18-year history. new video right now of a fire in southern california. it started early this afternoon, south of banning in riverside county. mandatory evacuations have been ordered in the communities of twin pines and silent valley. the fire has grown to 2500 acres. homes are threatened by the flames. there's word that several structures have been damaged. let's talk about our weather now. we haven't been talking about fires here, because the weather we're getting is great when it comes to fire danger. >> thankfully.
5:19 pm
low clouds and fog is capping the fire danger, helping us keep it on the lower side for today. we do finally warm things up into the weekend. right now, the maps on stormtracker 2 interactive radar. a solid deck of overcast near the coast and portions of marin county. even parts of santa rosa up in sonoma county as well. current temperatures are ranging from the lower 60's in half moon bay, lots of 60's and 70's around the bay itself. and temperatures inland only -- no 80's. we're talking about 70's out toward fairfield, livermore and san jose. time lapse from this afternoon. here's san francisco out in the distance. look at all this overcast, already working its way back into the bay. that process will continue late tonight into early tomorrow morning. as a result, you can count on more cloud cover and some spotty drizzle coastside and right around the bay thursday morning. you'll need your windshield wipers, at least to start out
5:20 pm
the day. san jose, a forecast low of 56. antioch at 55. upper 50's on the coast for tomorrow. we are warming up but not a big warm-up. low to mid 70's out toward concord. the warmest locations could be flirting with 80 degrees by about 3:00 tomorrow afternoon for your thursday afternoon. as far as the forecast, we do have changes, not only in the formation of fog regrouping, once again the drizzle out there, i'll put this into motion. we have a disturbance offshore that will generate thunderstorm chances across the northern portions of the state. look what happens into friday. we start out with the clouds. the drizzle, no change here. so there is a slight chance of some thunderstorms for tomorrow, a better chance as we head into friday. basically just to the north of the bay area. for us, we'll take up some of
5:21 pm
the clouds. we do have partly cloudy skies in the forecast tomorrow afternoon and temperatures ranging in the upper 50's to 60's. pacifica, 59. oakland, 66. san jose, a forecast high of 73 degrees. the cool weather pattern sticks around. your five-day forecast, with your weekend always in view, scattered clouds for friday. we gradually warm things up by saturday. sunday will be the warmest day of the weekend. coming up, we'll break down the parts of the state that could have red flag warnings kicking in for tomorrow. a face-to-face meeting cancelled. the factors that played in president obama's decision to not meet with russian president vladimir putin. plus -- a house of horrors comes crashing down. and who showed up to watch today's demolition? a pit stop for bay area travelers is now a crime scene. we're learning more about the violent death in a usually peaceful area. plus, hundreds of millions of dollars worth of maintenance
5:22 pm
at golden gate park is at a standstill. the reason projects are on hold. these stories and more, coming up.
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the cleveland house where three women were imprisoned and raped for years has been demolished. ariel castro's home was torn down as one of the survivors looked on. castro's house was filled with horrific memories, but now it's been reduced to rubble. >> for ten years, this house
5:25 pm
was a secret prison of a psychopath named castro. >> the prosecutor who sent ariel castro to prison said today's demolition was a testament to the victims and their will to survive. michelle knight, amanda berry and gina dejesus endured a decade of abuse inside. knight was there again today and released a bouquet of balloons, saying they represent millions of missing children. she vowed to use her ordeal to help others. >> i go from here to being a motivational speaker, to let everybody know that they're heard, that they are loved, and there are hope for everyone. >> prosecutors say ariel castro cried when he signed over the deed to the property, saying he had, quote, many happy memories in the house. he's now serving a sentence of life without parole plus a thousand years. as part of the plea deal, castro paid $22,000 for today's demolition, but the excavation
5:26 pm
company refused to take the money. they chose to give the funds back to the neighborhood. they say they'll create a positive tribute to the survivors. a former child psychiatrist convicts of molesting five patients decades ago was sent back to jail today in san mateo county. william harris was in court for a sentencing. but the judge also heard from victims and parents. the judge set august 26 for sentencing. but the judge also revoked his bail, so he was sent to jail immediately. hoe pleaded no contest back -- he pleaded no contest back in may. the backup lawyers for the army major accused of killing 13 people in 2009 say they want to back off the case. nidal hasan is representing himself.
5:27 pm
he admits he did carry out the attack. but under military law, he cannot plead guilty because he faces the death penalty. the attorneys assigned to the case say it appears that hasan doesn't want to save his life. the search for a missing east bay woman intensifies. her family and friends span out in hopes of finding her. where police say they're running down leads. a big shark in san francisco bay. was it a great white? $425 million up for grabs. the powerball frenzy takes over the bay area as tonight's jackpot approaches record territory. ♪
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complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5. relatives of this woman, missing since sunday evening, are issuing a desperate plea for her return. the search for sandra coke has turned up her car and cell phones, but no sign of the woman who friends say would
5:31 pm
never leave on her own. >> what police took from her home today that could hopefully provide clues to help find her. >> reporter: oakland police investigators searched the home of sandra coke this afternoon, looking for clues her family hopes will shed light on her mysterious disappearance. >> they'll be taking my sister's computers, both her work computer and her home computer. >> reporter: police would not comment on the case publicly, but investigators say their running down leads where coke's car was found about two miles from her home. >> they think she may have met somebody in a coffee shot somewhere here in the oakland area, so they're reviewing surveillance tapes. >> reporter: the 50-year-old coke was last seen sunday evening. she reportedly told her teenage daughter she was meeting with someone who had found her dog. but coke never returned. coke's two cell phones have been recovered. >> she's a wonderful mother. i knew right away something was
5:32 pm
very, very wrong. >> reporter: dozens of coke's friends and relatives posted flyers with her picture, urging anyone who may have seen her to call police. among them were her coworkers from the public defenders office. they describe her as street savvy. >> if she's been kidnapped, i can't think of anybody better to talk her way out of a kidnapping than sandra. >> reporter: the weight of coke's disappearance and fears of an abduction are bearing down on the family. they say she would never just run off and leave her daughter. >> she is the most kind, sweet, tender-hearted person. >> reporter: relatives and friends say they're also using social media to publicize coke's disappearance and they hope spreading the word will help generate leads. reporting live from the newsroom, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> here's one more look at 50-
5:33 pm
year-old sandra coke. she has been missing now for three days. coke is an investigator with the federal defenders office in sacramento. a nevada jury began deliberating in the trial of a vagos motorcycle club member accused of killing the leader of the san jose chapter of the hells angels. ernesto gonzalez received that he was acting in self-defense when he shot jethro pet grew at sparks casino two years ago. his attorneys removed the option of manslaughter, so that the jury must decide if he's either guilty or not guilty of murder. prosecutors claim the deadly shooting was part of an assassination plot. san francisco leaders are trying to get guns off the street by holding a gun buyback event tomorrow in the city's mission district. the event is scheduled from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the u.s. bank parking lot on 22nd street. the event is being organized by the supervisor, the mayor and several community groups. anyone can turn in their guns. you'll get $100 for a regular
5:34 pm
weapon or $200 for an assault rifle. money for the event comes from the city and from more than $10,000 in donations. i'm kind of like that army general, who once said, the more marines i have around, the better i like it. >> president obama wrapped up his two-day trip to the west today with a visit to the marine corps base camp pendleton in san diego county. the president thanked troops and their families for bearing what he called the burden of the 12-year-long war against al- qaeda. president obama said by the end of next year, afghanistan will take full control of its security and america's war there will be over. president obama today cancelled a face-to-face meeting in moscow with russian president putin. the white house says one factor in the decision to cancel the meeting was russia granting asylum to nsa leaker edward snowden. the president still plans to
5:35 pm
attend the summit next month. the feeling was that the secretary, having continued conversations with the foreign minister, and of course defense secretary chuck hagel having continued conversations, would be the appropriate next step. >> the russian news agency quotes president putin saying that the u.s.'s decision to cancel is evidence that the u.s. is not ready to build relations with russia. tonight's drawing is the third-largest jackpot in the history of the game, at $425 million. despite the long odds of winning, people in the south bay are heading to one particular convenience store to buy their tickets. >> give me $5. >> winning numbers, right here. >> reporter: sure. that's what everybody is hoping. >> ha ha! >> reporter: customers at this 7-eleven are among the dreamers today, in hopes of winning the
5:36 pm
$425 million jackpot. they have a one in 175 million chance of hitting it. they hope coming to this convenience store will bring them luck. in may, someone won $2 million in powerball. last month, another winner got $287 million. >> it's the place everybody is winning. so why not try? hopefully we'll get another winning ticket. >> reporter: it's the third- largest powerball lottery ever. tickets are generating more money and more excitement. people are already thinking of plans on what to do if they win. >> don't have to work no more. >> there's so many things to do. donations. family. >> reporter: while most people spent between $5 and $20 on powerball, the clerk told me this morning, somebody bought $180 in tickets, hoping to
5:37 pm
strike it risk. >> how much did you spend? >> just $10. >> reporter: if no one wins tonight, the multistate lottery association says a world record could be set going into saturday's drawing. in san jose, ktvu channel 2 news. how much would you pay to own the white house? the cost of the villa puts a price tag on the president's home. just how much you'll need to own 1600 pennsylvania avenue. and special guests at the congressional cemetery in washington, d.c. the reason why 100 goats have free reign there. a new learning tool for babies. one group says, not so fast. the reason they say apps made for babies aren't effective learning tools.
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arson investigators are looking for whoever set as many as a dozen fires in schools in south sacramento. those fires have been in the past two weeks. most were trash can fires. but two ended up destroying playground equipment. the district does have insurance, but they will have to pay a $25,000 deductible. there is no evidence linking a texas paramedic to a deadly fertilizer plant explosion, according to prosecutors. 27-year-old bryce reed was one of the emergency responders at that blast on april 17 in west,
5:41 pm
texas, where 15 people were killed and hundreds more injured. he was later arrested and charged with possessing pipe bomb materials. but now thits say there is no connection to the explosion. the investigation into that explosion is also still ongoing. aol is investing in the future of online video with the purchase of adapt tv. research firm e-marketer expects a 41% increase in spending in digital video advertising this year. just about anybody with small children knows kids love to play with smartphones. can those phones actually make children smarter? a group called campaign for a commercial-free childhood is questioning the claims of mobile apps aimed at children. the director says research shows small screens are ineffective ways for babies to learn. the group says hands-on play
5:42 pm
and face-to-face interaction is best. the american academy of pediatrics discourages any screen time for children under the age of two. a giant panda celebrated his birthday today. zookeepers prepared a 150-pound cake made of ice for the panda. it was decorated with yam frosting and bamboo and drizzled with honey. he had gift boxes filled with gift baskets. the bear turned four on monday. it's a frightening sight right off of san francisco's marina green. it's a frightening sight indeed. a shark sighting. we investigate the photographic evidence. is it a great white? and why some say the state is trying to ban hunting. and clouds already pushing back into the bay right now. coming up, i'll break down
5:43 pm
drizzle chances for your thursday morning commute and the one part of the state that could have an increase in fire danger over the next couple of days. ♪
5:44 pm
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what you may consider a frightening sight is captured on camera. the pictures might be of a great white shark on marina green. health and science editor john fowler is live with why this unusual sighting is still a
5:46 pm
mystery. >> reporter: right now, we've seen many people in the water, despite the cool temperatures here. and it is time for great whites at this time of year. in the bay, pretty rare. just off the beach, where america's cup boats raced today and yesterday. this popped up yesterday avenue, the dorsal fin of a four-foot juvenile shark, possibly a great white. >> i'm really scared, from sharks! >> reporter: this family, from italy. >> i kept telling my daughter, there's no sharks. now you're telling me there is one. >> reporter: in fact, the aquarium of the day shows leopard gill and many other specious, all bay area residents. >> unpredictability. i think they like things that wear wet suits. >> reporter: this diver is safe here but less so in the open ocean with one of these. great whites have a fearsome
5:47 pm
reputation. >> it's not common. >> reporter: aquarium of the bay curator keith told me this might be a great white or the salmon shark. >> the two species can be very similar in appearance. >> reporter: less well-known, salmon sharks are off the coast right now. >> obviously they like salmon and a lot of different types of fish that would be found here in the bay. >> reporter: there's never been a recorded salmon shark attack on a human and great white shark attacks are rare. experts say you're safe from sharks in bay waters and far more likely to get hurt right here on the beach. sweden's team ardimis is marking a second loss in the america cup trials. the team apparently had trouble with its hydrofoils. the catamaran was built after a
5:48 pm
deadly accident on may 9 that claimed the life of teammate andrew simpson. race 3 is on friday at 1:15 in the afternoon. 90 bay cities have banned together to streamline the process to install solar panels. six of them will offer a way to get permits at the counter. the other three plan a three- to seven-day turnaround. it's a big change in the current process. marin county supervisors yesterday voted down a proposed solar project just outside novato. it would have covered an acre of land in atherton. neighbors objected, saying it would be a visual blight. fire investigators are still trying to figure out the cause of five small grass fires this morning reported at bailey
5:49 pm
avenue off of highway 101. it took firefighters about 30 minutes to put the fires out. firefighters say it's too early to know what may have caused those fires. breaking news out of southern california. a new wildfire that has broken out in riverside county near the town of banning. the flames and smoke are surging toward three communities where people have been told to evacuate. we have seen at least some homes on fire. cal fire says the fire has grown now to 2500 acres or more than four square miles. more than 400 firefighters are on the scene, trying to protect the homes. there you can see one of those houses, now fully engulfed as a result of this fire. >> it seems we've been reporting on so many fires in southern california. but meteorologist mark tamayo is here. >> we still have august, september and october to go. just to give you an idea of
5:50 pm
conditions in banning, it has been hot there. today temperatures in the lower 90's. right now it's 88 degrees. the mapping system here, we'll take a closer inspection. this is to the east of riverside. there's banning. as you can see, we do have some terrain, so that will be an extra challenge for fire crews in this region. and also, the dry and hot conditions. still a pretty warm-to-hot forecast expected for form. here in the -- for tomorrow. higher clouds pushing back into the region. low clouds will be a factor first thing tomorrow morning. current numbers, ranging from the 60's in san francisco. 70's out toward napa. san jose checking in at 73 right now. as far as the forecast headlines for tonight, we'll go with this. more cloud cover, increasing clouds throughout the night. tomorrow, morning drizzle. in fact, i notice measurable drizzle in half moon bay. 2/100 of an inch of rainfall in
5:51 pm
the form of drizzle. here is our forecast model, showing you a solid deck of overcast. tomorrow morning at 8:00. i expect we'll have drizzle around the bay. clouds gradually clear back to near the shoreline but still leftover patches right around the bay itself. this is the cooler weather system responsible for keeping us cool this week and it's going to stick around for tomorrow and into your friday. so scattered clouds, a cool weather plan is here to say, at least for the next couple of days. spotty drizzle first thing tomorrow morning. we're talking about 60's and 70's once again. the instability associated with this could generate thunderstorms primarily to the north of the bay area. but as you can see, a red flag warning kicks in for tomorrow and into friday for parts of northern california, for the mountains. this extends closer to portions of lake county as well. this is for thursday into friday. north bay neighbors especially.
5:52 pm
forecast highs for tomorrow, a sun-cloud mix. by the afternoon, basically in the 70's. not gonna find too many 80's on this map but you can see a few out towards clear lake. mid 70's inland. san jose, we'll go 73. fremont, 78. san francisco on the cooler side, once again, at 63. your five-day forecast, scattered clouds and we gradually warm things up by saturday into sunday. the warming continues next week. are you interested in buying the white house? just how much you'd have to pay if by chance 1600 pennsylvania was ever put up for sale. plus, gun rights supporters take on california. why they say the state of california is trying to ban hunting. hundreds of millions worth of golden gate park at an standstill. we explore what's at stake and why there's a holdup. plus -- >> it was just
5:53 pm
hard to see him take his last breath. >> we take you inside the home of last night's deadly shooting, to hear a firsthand account of what happened. these stories and more, coming up in less than ten minutes at 6. ♪
5:54 pm
[ male announcer ] when the a.c. goes out in a heat wave, it's nuccio heating and air conditioning that comes to the rescue. at&t helped nuccio put a complete mobile solution to work. mobile routing to send the closest technician and mobile payments to invoice on the spot. where do you want to take your business? call us. we can show you how at&t solutions can help you do what you do... even better. ♪
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okay. are you interested in a new home? well, $320 million could buy you the white house, if it was ever put up for sale, according
5:56 pm
to the real estate website zillow. they posted a listing for the mansion. the property contains a pool, greenhouse, bowling alley, even a dentist's office. president obama took part in a virtual round table on housing earlier today with the ceo of zillow. >> our home back in chicago, not the white house, which, as i said, that's a rental. >> the obamas don't pay rent at the white house. but if they did, zillow says it would cost them $1.8 million per month. hungry goats are dining at a historic washington, d.c. cemetery. among the people buried there are former fbi director j. edgar hoover. the heard will be there until next monday. 12 california health insurance companies have signed contracts to offer coverage
5:57 pm
under the new affordable care act. they will offer individual plans starting in october. the coverage will be offered through california's new insurance exchange. the list includes california's largest insures, anthem bluecross blueshield, kaiser permanente and the contra costa health plan. the national rifle association is launching a new battle against california. >> reporter: this avid sportsman says he prefers lead bullets when he's at a shooting competition. >> they're about the same size, but a golf ball is denser. >> reporter: the national rifle association says hunters should be able to use whatever ammo they want. >> it's very dramatic. >> reporter: this bald eagle has lead poisoning.
5:58 pm
scientists estimate hunters shoot more than 3,000 tons of lead every year and that as many as 20 million birds die annually from lead poisoning. >> the damage that happens in the central nervous system is so much that we cannot do anything. >> reporter: the nra says the proposed ban on these bullets is an assault on hunters' rights. the nra warned that these environmental groups ultimately want to ban hunting. environmentalists say this is about the birds and switching to lead-free ammo doesn't create hardships for hunters, a point that the nra disputes. in washington, ktvu channel 2 news. hours of debate over the bart labor dispute. >> there was no conversation about it. >> the unresolved issues, including a big dispute over how far apart the two sides really are. an innocent victim.
5:59 pm
what we've learned tonight about this baby, killed along with his father, including a firsthand account there inside the home where they were sleeping. and work on hold. washington's budget acts delays millions of dollars in projects. that story, new at 6. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6. good evening. i'm gasia mikaelian. julie haener is off tonight. >> and i'm frank somerville. the board of inquiry's all-day hearing on bart negotiations just wrapped up a little over an hour ago, but not before bart and the union and the public all spoke at length about the stalemate in contract talks. it is a story that continues to develop tonight. bart claims the two sides are $100 million apart. but late this afternoon, a union attorney disputed that and put the figure at closer to $56 million. and all of this was before the public got a chance to sound
6:00 pm
off on the standoff that could strand hundreds of thousands of commuters. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar has been at that hearing all day long. he's live now with what happens next. tom? >> reporter: those numbers are worth hearing again, because it's all being done in hopes of averting this. another strike. three-member board of inquiry heard from several bart executives and three unions, who vowed to go on strike if they can't get a deal by next sunday's deadline or after a possible 60-day cooling off period. the parties are somewhere between $56 million and $100 million apart on wage, pension and health care issues. but there are other issues. bart says it can be sustainable only if it can get increasing worker costs and worker rules under control. the union says bart has failed to negotiate in good faith and it does want to make a deal. though bart very much wants the cooling off period, the workers fear

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